postnyj salatBurger King
Lenten salad – Burger King ZA
Weight: 185 g Lenten salad Rustic potatoes Pickled cucumbers Lettuce leaves Onions Fresh tomatoes Mayonnaise Light Nutritional
350219573 klubnichnyj donat 600x600Burger King
Strawberry Donut
Strawberry Donut – Burger King Strawberry Donut is a wonderfully delicate donut in a classic strawberry glaze.
в МакдональдсMcDonald's
Big Breakfast
McDonald’s Big Breakfast A good breakfast is the key to energy and good humor.The menu is cleverly designed by McDonald’
chesnochnyi sousiBurger King
Garlic Sauce – Burger King NZ
A nice addition to nuggets and wings is garlic sauce, it always tastes better with it. Garlic Sauce – Burger King Nutritional
pirozhok s vishnej v burger king menjuBurger King
Cherry pie – Burger King ZA
Weight: 73 g Cherry patties Cherry Flavored Patties 73g frozen Flavor Black Cherry Flavir Liquid Wheat flour Nutritional
troynoy vopperBurger King
Triple WOPPER® – Burger King NZ
The Triple WOPPER® is three delicious, fire-cooked 100% beef steaks with juicy tomatoes, fresh sliced lettuce, thick mayonnaise
vanilnyj shejk malyjBurger King
Vanilla Cocktail small – Burger King ZA
Volume: 300 ml Vanilla Cocktail Vanilla flavored syrup Milk Cocktail Mixture Calories per 100 ml Nutritional value 400 kJ
312478728 shrimp king 600x600Burger King
Shrimp King
Shrimp King – Burger King Shrimp King is king prawns in a light crispy breading, fresh iceberg lettuce, slices of cheese
king zavtrak v burger kingBurger King
King breakfast – Burger King ZA
Weight: 243 g Breakfast King Scrambled eggs Beefsteak Cheddar Cheese Village potatoes Croissant Nutritional value Nutritional
773815493 shejk vanilnyj 600x600Burger King
Vanilla Shake
Vanilla Shake – Burger King Vanilla Shake is a classic milkshake with vanilla syrup. A real sip of refreshment.
267911552 chiken file 600x600Burger King
Chiken Filet
Chicken Filet – Burger King Chicken Chiken Filet is 100% whole chicken breast in a crispy breading with an amazing
sous chesnochnyj v burger king menjuBurger King
Garlic sauce – Burger King ZA
Weight: 25 g Nutritional value Nutritional value 350 kJ Calories 83 kcal Protein 0 g Fats 8 g Carbohydrates 3 g Allergens –

Menu Nutrition Information

Menu Nutrition Information is based on standard serving sizes and formulas for products.

Variations in serving sizes, preparation techniques, product testing and supply sources, as well as regional and seasonal differences can affect the nutritional values of each product. In addition, product formulations change periodically.

It is to be expected that there will be some variation in the nutritional content of the products purchased in restaurants. None of our products are certified vegetarian.