Royal of Luxe McCombo Large


Royal of Luxe McCombo Large in McDonald’s

Now it is even easier to get a plentiful and tasty snack.A fragrant and soft muffin with sesame seeds and two large slices of the most juicy steak of fresh meat.Two tender slices of cheddar cheese, tasty onion rings and crispy gherkins add flavor.All this delicacy can be seasoned with a slightly spicy mustard or a sweet tomato ketchup.Juicy meat, with a fluffy bun, light cheese and vegetables: A flavor you will never forget.But that’s just the first part of the deal.

The set is completed with your favorite drink: (hot or cold) and a great ration of crispy potatoes.The client is also free to choose a sauce to accompany the potatoes, at his discretion.All these products are in a set.

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