double cheesburger 1 McDonald's
Double Cheeseburger
McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger The main ingredient of the Double Cheeseburger is 2 minced fillets of real beef.The juicy chops are grilled and placed
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McCafe Mocha
McCafe Mocha at McDonald’s A refined and delicate coffee drink that combines three ingredients: coffee, natural whole milk and chocolate.
chickenburger 1 1 McDonald's
Chicken Burger
Chicken Burger at McDonald’s The Chickenburger is a variant of the hamburger especially in demand.It is recognized by the chicken burger, breaded
Fresh MakMaffin Dvoynoy McDonald's
Fresh Double McMuffin
McDonald’s Fresh Double McMuffin One of the most popular items on McBreakfast’s morning menu is the Fresh Double McMuffin.This product contains
MakMaffin so svinoy kotletoy McDonald's
Pork Chop McMuffin
McDonald’s Pork Chop McMuffin Do you want to enjoy a soft, elastic cheese and a tender pork chop?Then go for the hearty McMuffin Breakfast at McDonalds.
Tort Rikotta s grushey McDonald's
Ricotta pie with pear
Ricotta pie with pear at McDonald’s An Italian dessert as light as a summer day, as airy as a cloud.The pear aroma is reminiscent of warm afternoons
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Oatmeal in McDonald’s Integral oat flakes of natural origin are an ideal option for a fast and nutritious breakfast.It allows to replace a plentiful
Tort SHokoladnyy McDonald's
Chocolate cake
McDonald’s chocolate cake A chocolate cake made according to an exclusive French recipe will delight those with a sweet tooth and true cocoa connoisseurs.
1 McDonald's
Pistachio raspberry muffin
Pistachio raspberry muffin at McDonald’s A unique combination of a pistachio-flavored cookie and raspberry jam that will delight you with its unusual flavor.
1881 coffee McDonald's
Vienna coffee
Vienna coffee at McDonald’s For someone who has decided to stop and collect their thoughts, there is no better cup of coffee to cheer up.