Frappe Ays Klubnika McDonald's
Frappe Ice Strawberry
Frappe Ice Strawberry McDonald’s A milky drink with strawberries and ice cubes will win your favor.The cloudy and slightly sugary whipped cream combines
hero.cocoamedium.500x500 McDonald's
Coffee with milk
Coffee with milk at McDonald’s Coffee with milk is the classic version of a coffee drink.It is made with natural ground coffee and fresh, hot milk
Latte Macchiato
Latte Macchiato at McDonald’s For lovers of mild flavors and large portions.A beautifully layered drink with lush, high milk froth and a vigorous coffee aroma.
german black forest cake McDonald's
Black Forest
McDonald’s Black Forest A delicious dessert: modern in form, traditional in content.The aroma of berry milk wafts through the air as soon as a layer
Ciabatta with ham and cheese
Ciabatta with ham and cheese at McDonald’s Italian white bread toasted in a toaster with slices of Emmental cheese and a delicate ham.
Calories in McDonalds McCafe Mocha Iced Frappe McDonald's
Frappe Ice Mocha
Frappe Ice Mocha at McDonald’s The traditional mixture will surprise with its tenderness and the composition will delight connoisseurs.
16 McDonald's
Royal McCombo Big
Royal McCombo Big at McDonald’s Royal Cheeseburger. A big box of potato chips. A 0.5 liter drink from the cold list or a 0.4 or 0.
MakMaffin s yaytsom i vetchinoy 1 McDonald's
McMuffin with Egg and Ham
McMuffin with Egg and Ham at McDonald’s Everyone’s favorite Ham and Egg McMuffin is served with a delicious freshly made English muffin.
double filet o fish 1 McDonald's
Double Fish Fillet
McDonald’s Double Fish Fillet A tasty sandwich with two pieces of cod, haddock or other lean fish.The steak is grilled with oil and aromatic spices
beybichino 1 McDonald's
Babycino in McDonald’s Babicino is a very tasty dairy drink in a miniature volume glass.It is ideal to keep the little busy while parents enjoy an