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Waffle cone
One of the delights of adults and children.Tender and creamy ice cream in a crispy waffle cone.One of the best desserts of the summer at McDonald’
fanta 1 McDonald's
Fanta at McDonald’s: composition, calories and price
Fanta is made up of cold water, ice and orange mixed with vitamin C. It is one of the brightest and most beloved representatives of cold drinks, first
shrimp roll 1 McDonald's
Roll of prawns in McDonald’s: ingredients, calories and price
Ingredients Fried breaded prawns Flat bread for steam sandwiches Fresh chopped onions Frying oil Iceberg chopped lettuce. Vegetable oil-based sauce “
Bolshie krevetki 1 McDonald's
Large prawns at McDonald’s: composition, calories and price
You can have different attitudes to seafood and its flavor combinations, but once fried, it is definitely impossible not to love it.It’
big tejsti makkombo bolshoj img 1 McDonald's
Big Taystee McCombo Big at McDonald’s
A bargain as part of the Big Taystee combo promotion.Try the most popular sandwich on the menu.The name speaks for itself.The oversized burger consists
cheeseburger McDonald's
Cheeseburger at McDonald’s: Ingredients, Calories, and Price
The cheeseburger is deservedly the most popular type of burger.The main ingredient of the meat is a minced steak made with prime natural whole beef.
Kurinye krylyshki 1 McDonald's
McDonald’s Chicken Wings: Ingredients, Calories, and Price
Many people associate crispy chicken wings with hot summers and outdoor picnics.Especially when fried in vegetable oil until golden brown and covered in
Fresh MakMaffin McDonald's
Fresh McMuffin at McDonald’s: Ingredients, Calories, and Price
The nutritious Fresh McMuffin Breakfast is a great way to start a new day.The dish consists of a special sauce, tomato, fresh lettuce, a piece of Cheddar
big mac 1 McDonald's
Big Mac at McDonald’s: Ingredients, Calories, and Price
The Big Mac is simply a huge burger that will satisfy your stomach 100%.The special bun consists of 3 equally tender and soft parts, and the top part is
royal 1 1 McDonald's
Royal at McDonald’s: Ingredients, Calories, and Price
A warm and delicate bun with sesame seeds and a thin, crispy crust: a guide to a world of gastronomic delights.It is complemented with a minced cutlet