Gourmet Grill

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McDonald’s Gourmet Grill

A hearty burger for lovers of delicacies and high-end cheeses.The minced hamburger uses 2 types of meat: pork and beef.It is served on a brioche bun with potato flakes and frosting.Complementing this composition are 2 slices of cured Gouda cheese and slices of grilled red pepper.The burger is enhanced with a spicy sauce with garlic and lemon extract.Grilled Gourmet is a great way to satisfy hunger and lift your spirits.The dish is suitable for lunch or dinner.The practical packaging makes it easy to carry the hamburger without spoiling its shape.


  • Hamburger bun made of wheat flour with potato flakes and glaze
  • Veal cutlet
  • Grilled red and yellow peppers
  • Grilled seasoning
  • Thick cut iceberg lettuce
  • Sauce based on vine oil “Lemon-Garlic-Spicy”
  • Packaged GAUDA cheese
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