Fresh Double McMuffin

Fresh MakMaffin Dvoynoy

McDonald’s Fresh Double McMuffin

One of the most popular items on McBreakfast’s morning menu is the Fresh Double McMuffin.This product contains two delicate wheat muffins, also known as “English Muffins”, fresh vegetables (green iceberg lettuce leaves and slices of ripe tomato) and a slice of the famous melted Cheddar cheese.And also two juicy cutlets made with the freshest minced beef or pork with special flavor spices.It’s flavored with our signature McChicken sauce, which gives the burger “that flavor.”


  • English Muffin Burger Bun
  • Spicy pork chop
  • Melted cheddar cheese
  • Chopped fresh tomato
  • Chopped iceberg lettuce
  • McChicken vegetable oil based dressing
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