Chicken Burger

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Chicken Burger at McDonald’s

The Chickenburger is a variant of the hamburger especially in demand.It is recognized by the chicken burger, breaded in breadcrumbs and quickly fried in an air fryer until lightly browned.The meat ingredient is placed in a caramelised soft bun. A fresh iceberg lettuce leaf is placed on top of the meat.The dressing is the coveted “Mac Chiken”, a vegetable oil based dressing.Its flavor is delicate and slightly reminiscent of the appetizing French bechamel.The last ingredient is the second half of the bun, which completes the culinary composition.


  • Toasted hamburger bread
  • Velute chicken chops fried
  • Fried vegetable oil.
  • Iceberg chopped lettuce.
  • Vegetable oil dressing McChicken
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