sous chesnochnyj v burger king menju Burger King
Garlic sauce – Burger King ZA
Weight: 25 g Nutritional value Nutritional value 350 kJ Calories 83 kcal Protein 0 g Fats 8 g Carbohydrates 3 g Allergens –
2 stripsa Burger King
2 Strips – Burger King ZA
2 strips Breaded chicken strips (2 pcs. ) Extra Cheese sauce Cheese Parmeggiano Sour-Sweet Sauce Barbecue sauce Garlic Sauce Curry Sauce Mustard sauce
mocarella chiken Burger King
Mozzarella Chicken – Burger King ZA
Weight: to be specified Mozzarella Chicken is an Italian burger with fresh vegetables, pickles, juicy chicken with salsa sauce, tender melted mozzarella
mirinda bezlimit v burger king menju Burger King
Mirinda – Burger King ZA
Mirinda Volume 0,5 l. Volume 0,8 l. 1,0 l. Mirinda 0,5 l of calories Nutritional value 696 kJ Calories 155 kcal Volume 0,5 л Protein –
kartofel po derevenski malye v burger king menju Burger King
Small rustic potatoes – Burger King ZA
Weight: 132 g Rustic small potatoes Pre-fried fast-frozen potato slices with peel and spices Vegetable oil – fryer mixture Extra Cheese sauce Parmeggiano
vanilnyj shejk malyj Burger King
Vanilla Cocktail small – Burger King ZA
Volume: 300 ml Vanilla Cocktail Vanilla flavored syrup Milk Cocktail Mixture Calories per 100 ml Nutritional value 400 kJ Calories 95 kcal Protein 2,5
dzhunior obed s chikenburgerom Burger King
Junior Lunch with Chickenburger – Burger King ZA
Weight: 508 g Other Junior sets Chickenburger Classic. Choice of: Junior King Fries or Lays chips Choice of: toy, comic book Choice of: beverage Nutritional
king naggets dzhunior v burger king Burger King
King Nuggets Junior 4 nuggets – Burger King ZA
Weight: 65 g King Nuggets Junior Nuggets in tempura (chicken meat 4 pieces) Vegetable oil – frying mix Extra Cheese Sauce Parmeggiano Sauce Sour-Sweet
big king dzhunior v burger king menju Burger King
Big King Junior – Burger King ZA
Weight: 126 g Big King Junior Burger bun with sesame seeds Beef cutlet Cream cheese Iceberg lettuce King Sauce Pickles “Spicy”
angus terijaki gril Burger King
Angus Teriyaki Grill – Burger King ZA
Weight: to be specified 100% marbled Aberdeen Angus beef (150 g) with Teriyaki sauce, delicate cream cheese, grilled peppers, Romano salad on a French bun.