goryachiy brauni s morozhenym Burger King
Hot Brownie with Ice Cream – Burger King NZ
This is a delicate brownie with dark chocolate inside. It’s served hot and is especially delicious when topped with ice cream. Hot Brownie with Ice Cream –
italiano chiken Burger King
Italiano Chiken – Burger King NZ
Italiano Chicken is a burger in which we combined two juicy chicken strips, roasted peppers, cream cheese, fresh lettuce and caramelized onions with an
sok apel sinovyy Burger King
Orange juice – Burger King NZ
Juice “I” orange. Orange Juice – Burger King Nutritional value Name Quantity per serving Weight (g) 200.0 kcal 89.6 kJ 375.
kofe latte Burger King
Coffee Latte – Burger King NZ
Natural, freshly brewed coffee latte is a great way to start the day or to complement a hearty lunch or a light dessert. Coffee Latte –
long chizburger Burger King
Long Cheeseburger – Burger King NZ
Long Cheeseburger Sandwich is a large elongated Swedish style cheeseburger with juicy grilled beef patty plus sliced leaf lettuce and thick mayonnaise
vafel nyy rozhok Burger King
Waffle cone – Burger King NZ
This is a cool, thick, creamy treat in a classic waffle cone. Waffle cone – Burger King Nutritional value Name Amount per serving Weight (g) 69.
king go nuggets Burger King
King Go Nuggets – Burger King NZ
Delicious new King Go Nuggets are always with you! Nuggets made with tender white chicken meat in a light crispy breading, and golden and crispy slices
sibirskiy king Burger King
Siberian King – Burger King NZ
Siberian King is not a joke, it’s a lot of meat! Juicy beefsteak from 100% beef and flavorful pastrami as the highlight of the program!
strips king Burger King
Strip King – Burger King NZ
Stripes King is a medium sized sandwich with chicken fingers similar to nuggets. It also includes pickles, green salad leaves, King sauce, and a sesame seed bun.
a4 burger Burger King
A4 Burger – Burger King NZ
Fire-cooked 100% beef steak, juicy fresh sliced lettuce, thick mayo, crispy pickles from the marinade and fresh onions on a soft bun sprinkled with sesame seeds.