Big Tasty Junior

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Big Tasty Junior at McDonald’s

The favorite Big Taystee in miniature.The unbeatable flavor and the composition of the hamburger remain unchanged.It only changes the size.A great option for Big TaysTe lovers who can not stand their large size.The same beef steak with fresh vegetables and herbs.That special smoked sauce and a bun with sesame seeds.A great option for the snack!


  • Grilled beef steak
  • Hamburger bread with tan sesame quota on toaster
  • Fresh chopped onions
  • Cast cheese with Emmental flavor
  • Fresh tomato chopped.
  • Grilled seasoning
  • Lettuce thick cutting iceberg
  • Vegetable oil base dressing Big Tasty

Extra portion

  • Add the Big Tasty sauce
  • Add jalapeño.
  • Add emmental cheese
  • Add the bacon.
  • Remove the steak
  • Remove the lettuce
  • Remove the onions.
  • Remove the salt.
  • Remove the emmental cheese.
  • Remove the tomato.
  • Skip the big, flavorful sauce

Nutritional values and calories

Analysis of
Nutritional value2349 kJ / 28%
Calories563 kcal / 28%
Fats33 г / 47%
Saturated fats14 г / 69%
Carbohydrates35 г / 13%
Sugar7.6 г / 8%
Fiber2.2 г
Protein31 г / 61%
Salt2.6 г / 43%
AllergensGluten, Milk, Egg, Sesame
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